DGr7 - Android powered Smart Rear View Mirror

Making Rear View Smart

DGr7 Smart Rear View Mirror combines world-class performance that integrates advanced GPS tracking with Navigation, DVR, Android system, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a host of sensors with a 5-inch display to give you instant access to your vehicle’s surroundings.

DGr7 with multiple features like Turn by Turn Voice Navigation System by Google on a 5 inch IPS HD Screen on the left side of the Mirror, a front full HD camera for recording your driving scene in Flawless quality which also serves as a proof in case of unwanted accidents on the road. Using the app the owner can also take remote snapshots or a 10 second video from the Vehicle front & inside camera.

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5 inch IPS HD Screen

It's 5 inch Capacitive Multi Point IPS HD Touch Screen makes it a fully functional In-Vehicle Entertainment & Security System.

GPS Navigation - cum - Tracking

Turn by Tuen navigation powered by Google along with Powerful & Accurate GPS Tracking makes this one of a kind Device.

Triple Camera

Equipped with three cameras, one to record & transmit the vehicle's front, other to view vehicle's inside remotely & third for reverse camera.

True Handsfree

Equipped with two bluetooth modules, the second one for Handsfree audio and to display all call info of paired phone on the DGr7's screen.

3G GSM Enabled

It halso has an in-built 3G Sim card slot which doubles the DGr7 into a Car-Phone as well as use the Network for Internet Connectivity.

Recommended usage of DGr7 includes:


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Technical Specifications:

CPU: ARM Cortex A7 Quad Core 1.3 GHz, MT6582

RAM: 1 GB 533 MHz

5 Inch IPS touch screen, resolution 960*540

Forward Camera: Full HD 1080P, Adjustable angle FOV (D) 150°

Inward Camera: 0.3 Megapixel, 640*480, viewing angle 61.6°

Car low battery protection

FM Transmitter

Reverse-view Camera: External, CVBS Format support

Weight: 382gm

Android 4.4+ System

GPS Tracking with Navigation

Wi-Fi: 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz with Hotspot

DVR: Full HD 1920*1080P 30fps, H.264 encoding

Navigation powered by Google Maps

Bluetooth Hands free

Expandable Memory upto 128 GB

5PIN Mini USB with support for OBD_TX/RX Serial port

In Built battery of 1000mAh with Voltage DC12V-33V

Why us?

  • Warranty: 1 year Standard Warranty on all our devices
  • Trust: Always available Team
  • Stability: 8+ years old company
  • Service: Available 24x7 via Whatsapp Chat
  • Technology: International Tie Ups for Devices
  • Certified: Requisite Certifications where required
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Before use:

  • DGr7 should be connected with a 5-volt general charger or a 12-volt vehicle power system (must be grounded).
  • Do not install the unit onto position that would block the vision or operation of the drivers.
  • For safe driving, the driver must not watch TV program or operate the unit while driving.
  • Do not replace the power fuse without professional guidance.
  • Please avoid strong impact as DGr7 consists of high-precision components. Do not disassemble or adjust any inner part. If you have any questions, please turn off DGr7 and notify the service centre.
  • Do not scratch the mirror with sharp materials.
  • Do not use anything that contains alcohol or corrosive dilution to clear the screen.
  • Prevent the DGr7 from places that is too hot or too cold. Storage temperature:–30°C~ 80°C, operating temperature: 0°C~50°C.
  • Do not expose DGr7 to moisture, dust, vapours, fumes, direct sunlight or related environment.
  • When installing Third party APK, the App might not work well due to compatibility difference, which might even cause constant reboot. It’s not a functional error of the device.

Getting started:

  • With power off, insert the TF card into the slot of the DGr7. We suggest using class 10 or above TF card for the device that will support up to 128GB storage.
  • With power off, remove the SIM card cover on the backside of the DGr7 by screwdriver. Insert the SIM card following the direction indicated on the device. A Micro-SIM card is required to use cellular network when connecting to GSM 850/900/1800/1900 networks and WCDMA 850/1900/2100 networks.
  • Fix the DGr7 on the existing rear view mirror by straps.
  • To power on the DGr7, press the “Power” button for 3 seconds. To power off the device, press the “Power” button for 2 seconds.
  • When power supplied by cigarette charger, device would boot up automatically when engine is ON. When power supplied by external power, it’s not allowed to shut down the device. Manual shutdown of device would reboot the device automatically.


  • Tap the balloon button to enter navigation. Default map is Google maps.
  • For online navigation, 3G/GSM network or Wi-Fi is necessary.
  • When there is no network, Google Maps Offline Navigation can be used with Pre-Downloaded maps.

Memory Space for DVR:

  • When TF card is inserted, the system would store the video in TF card that has available space. Memory space can be adjusted within the maximum TF card storage. Default memory space is 4GB. When there is no TF card, the DGr7 would store the video in the internal storage.

File List:

  • The default resolution of recording video is 1080P. Each record period is 3 minutes (About 230MB). Video is stored in the file General. For the sake of efficiency, the DGr7 is programmed to record in a looping manner, overwriting the oldest footage when it starts a new cycle of recording. When accident like emergency brake or crash happens, DVR would record for 15 seconds. These footage would be saved in the Event file, and would never be overwritten. Snapshot pictures are stored in Photo from where you could share online.

Vehicle Tracking & Remote Monitoring:

  • After SIM card insertion and data connection, the device would send GPS data to our Tracking server. For the Tracking application & tracking details like ID & Password to access the tracking data of your DGr7 (also provided with the Device content list, Deo GPS Service team can be contacted via our support email with a copy of your invoice & IMEI number of the device.
  • With factory setting, GPS locating function is ON. First fix takes around 2-5 minutes.

FM Transmitter:

  • Switch on the FM transmitter; broadcast the band of your current music. Connect this band from the FM radio of the car, which audio would play the music. The FM band can be adjusted between 87-107 MHz. Please choose the one with the least interruption from external radio station. Frequently used bands can be saved for fast broadcast.


  • Video recording starts when powered by the vehicle or cigarette charger.
  • After engine stops or power disconnected, if the device detects no vibration within 3 minutes, the device would stop recording and get back to home screen.
  • You can start and stop the recording manually anytime.
  • Tap on the video recording screen to access memory settings and file icon.

All this makes it one of our most reliable & best-selling GPS Trackers recommended by all our users alike.