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Basic Features Of GPS Tracker

A GPS (Global Positioning System) is used to determine the exact location with the help of GPS tracking device and software to visualize. Basically, the GPS system provides the location information in terms of “latitude and longitude” along with time stamp. Hardware Configuration: The GPS tracking device has a SIM card inserted that communicates with […]

What Value Can GPS Add To Manage Our Complex Lives?

GPS Tracker

Let’s talk about some of the real-life applications of the GPS system. Actually, it is already available on many portable devices that we use daily, including various models of cellphones, watches, handhelds, laptops and car trackers. The users of this system include general users, logistic operators, schools, colleges, ambulances, delivery houses and service stations to […]

Sense NXT Knowledge Centre

Our knowledge centre would serve as a repository of our Existing & all future knowledge related to GPS & IoT so that all may understand these technologies & how we can help in your day to day lives.