Basic Features Of GPS Tracker

A GPS (Global Positioning System) is used to determine the exact location with the help of GPS tracking device and software to visualize.

Basically, the GPS system provides the location information in terms of “latitude and longitude” along with time stamp.

Features of GPS Tracker
GPS Features

Hardware Configuration: The GPS tracking device has a SIM card inserted that communicates with the end user. Most of the tracking devices also have an inbuilt battery that is only for the case if either power source dies or device gets disconnected.

Software: Software is pretty crucial as all the data communicated by hardware with the server gets decoded by the software into meaningful information that a user can understand and then take effective decisions.

Basic Features

  1. Live Tracking: Users can see the person/vehicle live with the accuracy of Google Maps.
  2. Playback: Record of travel route with time and address. It is helpful as evidence and to track driver’s behavior.
  3. Insights: Insights always form the basis of decision-making. Data when presented in a simple and easy-to-analyze format is very significant and helps effective decision-making.

Ex: Idle time indicates a wastage of fuel with no productivity. Minimizing idle time can help in reducing fuel costs.

4.Compatible across all vehicles: The software is compatible to all the GPS tracking devices which can be installed in all vehicles, that has an engine to run wheels-car, bus, truck, bike and scooters.

For larger vehicles where revenue & profits are dependent on driver’s performance, GPS tracking systems are highly significant when it comes to supporting business and operations

5.Notifications about places: For relevant places like house, office, shops etc., a notification can be of utmost importance that confirms the arrival and departure of an asset around that place.

These are the basic features that you can avail with the basic configuration. There are a number of premium features also that may pinch your pocket a bit but are worth the expense.




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