GPS Trackers, Making Our Life Easier

Suppose you are on a family trip to a religious site and at some stage, your vehicle gets looted and children kidnapped. They are too small to guide themselves. Wonder your response-you will be searching them around the region -worried and harassed!

Rethink this situation with a personal GPS tracker. This time you can track the location of the vehicle and recover both-your children and the vehicle.

This was only one of the thousand incidents you go through daily in which a GPS tracker can prove beneficial. GPS trackers are tools for tracking valuable assets, and is easy to use, extremely accurate and affordable.

gpstracker"s life easier
Life easier with GPS Tracker

“If you love an asset, locate it”

Safety is KEY: GPS trackers are an ideal way for people to keep track of the people they love, for children heading to or, from school without compromising their value for independence. Have a peaceful mind when they are not with you.

Vehicle trackers help to protect one of your most valuable assets-the vehicle and those that ride inside-drivers and co-passengers.


Key Features:

Locate accurately with precision using latest GPS technologies.

Know when you are over-speeding: You receive alerts when you exceed the preset speed limit. It helps to enhance the driving behavior.

Ride around right geography: Geo-fence feature generates alerts around zones with enter and exit notifications to multiple users.

Analyze Journeys: With the help of Km reports, and speed alerts, you can analyze a long drive, a solo trip or, a family trip for future references. Geo-fence also helps you to ride through the right geography.

Take preventive measures when required: Your loved ones can press the SOS button to alert you about any mishappening or accidents so you can take the required preventive measures for speedy recovery.

Stay aware about battery: You are always notified about power cuts or, low battery via alerts.

Along with all these capabilities, if your area of operations fall in either of the two divisions-fleet or cargoes, GPS trackers are a must.

Want to explore more. Stay connected to SenseNXT. We will get back to you with the possibilities of a GPS tracker for fleet and cargo operations.

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