Vehicle Tracking Devices

A vehicle is usually a prized possession for most people, they care for it by keeping it clean and maintained.

Of all the reported vehicle thefts of 2018, only 19.6% of the cases were solved by Delhi Police in 2017. And the average numbers remain almost similar for the whole country. There has been an average increase of 8.47% annually in Motor Vehicle Theft in the years 2004 till 2013.

So, keeping your prime possession maintained is not enough. For most it’s a constant worry about its well-being, whether it’s about the vehicle being used correctly or about it being safe. The worries remain the same for even Commercial vehicle owners.

Best in Class SenseNxt Vehicle Tracking devices would be the solution for all similar & related issues as it provides you with live access to a number of data of your vehicle including location, speed, route etc. but also provides alerts & notifications for changes in the state of the vehicle like Key on/off, Speeding. Some of our devices also have provisions for SoS alert in case of emergencies as well as remote vehicle engine shut down using our secure servers.

These along with provided reports, analytics helps owners in better management of Fleet of Vehicles, decrease in operational costs as well as contribute to increased revenues as well as customer satisfaction & trust.

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DGtL - Basic Vehicle Tracking Device

Our smallest Vehicle Tracker with ACC status which packs a punch equal to any other device.

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DGt1 - Vehicle Tracking Device

Our most versatile Vehicle Tracking Device which can be installed in almost any vehicle.

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DGr7 - Smart Rear View Mirror

Smart Android powered device with Multi Cameras, IPS HD Screen, Navigation, Tracking and more..

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Portable Tracking Devices

DGp3 - Portable Tracker

Wireless portable Tracking device for asset tracking with Voice Monitoring.

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DGi4 - ID Card Tracker

Portable ID Card tracker for use in Corporate & Schools.

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DGi5 - Portable Mini Tracker

A small portable tracker for Tracking those small items, People or children.

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