GPS Tracking Features

Live tracking enables you to see the real time location & movements of your Vehicles & People visualized on Map.

Live Tracking

Playback helps visualize the history & movement of your units on a map with complete details of the movement, stay etc. for a given time period.

Playback / History

Various alerts are pushed to you as and when incidents occur which helps you know what’s happening in near real time even when you are not actively using the Application.


Different notifications are generated for different functions which sends relevant info to your screen at various time periods.


A simplified MIS system which generates various reports which are either generated as per schedule or on demand. They help various stakeholders make effective decisions to support various operational and management requirements.
Geo-Fence: Geo Fence helps create virtual boundaries & barrier around the area of expected movement & it uses the GPS location to create reports & alerts about the entry and/or exit of units from that area.


A few of our vehicle tracking devices allow you to remotely shut down your vehicle which helps control the unauthorized usage or even theft of vehicles.

Remote Shutdown

A few of our Tracking Devices have an in built sos button with an alert system which generates an alert to pre-defined numbers/email/app whenever that button is pressed, helping in take active decisions based on the input.

SoS Alert

KM travelled is one of the most important requirements when it comes to Location Tracking. With our highly accurate calculations & reporting, Vehicle & Fleet Owners now can rely on our system instead of manual calculations.
Power Disconnect Alert: Power connection of the GPS Device allows it to function for a long time without the need to rely on it’s internal battery which has a limited backup. Power Disconnect Alert helps you realize when ever the power to the GPS device is disconnected.

Mileage Travelled

It ensures that you are always aware of when your device is not receiving external power & is about to switch off due to low internal battery.

Low Battery Alert

In vehicle tracking system, it can send an alert each time the key to your vehicle is switched on and/or switched off.

Key On / Off